Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hey Disney, I'm finally back. With check-in day coming to a near and my birthday just around the corner, my feeling is just thrill excitement!

Why am I excited? Well, a big portion comes from working with Disney, but another portion comes from leaving my "safe" lifestyle and doing something different. I often relate my current situation to that of Ariel's (minus the fins, villain, and possible prince of course). Well, I'm okay with where I am now, but its just not the place I want to be at this time. I'm locked up, being told what to do and feeling like I have to do certain things to satisfy the need and want of others (which makes me like Ariel. Kinda. :]). I'm just ready to leave things behind and enjoy life away. And Disney is a great place for me to do so.

So lets get away from the seriousness of the post. It's SUMMER! yes yes, that means fun in the sun. However, I live in Washington. Meaning, theres a lot of rain. But good news is, its going to be sunny on my birthday! Its going to be 72 degrees kids. I know thats nothing in Florida, but over here, its one of the hottest days so far. Haha. Pretty sad, I know.


  1. I leave Seatac tomorrow morning, and of course the weather gets nice right as I'm heading to Florida! Silly Washington! I hope you have a good birthday!

  2. Thanks Kayla! I hope you get assigned to the location you wanted! Must be exciting to actually be there! :D haha