Sunday, May 2, 2010

99 days :]

Yup, its finally 99 days until I check-in to the WDW college program. About 3 months ago, I thought I would be counting down to DisneyLAND's College program right now. But from some turn of events, I found myself wanting to do Walt DisneyWorld's College Program more.

And I remember the exact reason why.

It was because of the fact that WDW has 3000 participants while DL has 300. Haha. Yeah, that reason is pretty much lame for being a deciding factor but it was definitely one of my deciding factor :/. Somewhere down the road of my application process, I realized that even though I'll be further away from home in Florida than California, I'll receive such a greater experience at WDW because of how much more people there is. Because more people = more friends, and making new friends is definitely at the top of "my most excited for list!" I think its something every CP should gain from their experience and I definitely want to maximize my chances by going to WDW instead of DL. :] And I just can't wait to experience all the magic with the new friends/roommates I'm going to make down at Disney World :]

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