Monday, March 29, 2010


So, the BEST role at any Disney theme park would be the actual face character. And after reading all the posts about peoples experiences with the auditions, I started getting sad because I originally wanted to audition for Pocahontas!! :( Haha, but according to my friends I'm to "asian" to pull of Pocahontas. Haha. Well, theres something call make-up right? LOL. :]


  1. hahahah that's who I wanted to be! But being in the sun constantly in FL would make me surpass Pocahontas color into the Tiana regions lol.

  2. haha Jazmine, did you audition? Being ANY character would be awesome! Both Tiana and Pocahontas would be cool to be! haha

    And Chelsea, what do you mean? :] haha