Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finally a REAL post!

Finals are right around the corner! And here I am, constantly refreshing the Walt Disney CP page to see if any new discussions came up. Haha. I should really take my focus off of the CP and concentrate on the two final essays due tomorrow morning, but I can't control myself! I'm just overly excited! Exactly 5 months away :D

And I need to find some roommates too! I'm not sure how I'm suppose to handle that, like just message them and ask if they want to room with me? Haha. I just want someone that I can really get along with. That sleeps with their light off, doesn't snore, kinda clean, fun, super friendly, has things in common with me, etc. Haha. As for house-mates, I'll like anyone thats fun and likes to try new things. Haha. I guess it'll be a little scary living with 3-5 other people I never met before, but thats the whole point of the experience! I'm ready to embark on this new experience! :D

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